After many great achievements on BSC, Sonic Inu is coming to ETH Blockchain CA: 0xB2CD7E1b855672D04d801A62D8Ff535780b707F7


Get ready for the next thrilling leap! Sonic Inu, after achieving incredible success on the Binance Smart Chain, is now racing onto the Ethereum blockchain! Brace yourself for a new era of excitement and opportunities as Sonic Inu continues to break barriers and redefine the crypto landscape. Join the revolution and witness the speed of success with Sonic Inu on Ethereum – where innovation meets achievement!

Sonic Inu NFT Store.

Sonic Inu NFT, is a revolutionary new NFT marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, and trade unique digital assets using the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The marketplace is built on cutting-edge blockchain technology, providing a secure and transparent platform for users to engage in peer-to-peer transactions.

Why Sonic Inu  NFT Store ?

Sonic Inu NFTs were founded by a team of experienced developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a passion for NFTs. Their goal was to create a NFT Marketplace that would empower creators to showcase their art and other digital assets while providing collectors with a seamless way to buy and sell these unique items.

Join us now to the MOON !!

100,000,000,000 TOTAL SUPPLY.

50%   BURNT

45%  Pinksale Presale & Liquidity

5% CEX / Partnerships.  

1% Marketing (Buy/Sell TAX). 


Launching and Building .

✓ Developing project's concept, logo, and tokenomics.  ✓ Building an online community on social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram.  ✓ Initiating marketing campaigns to attract potential investors.  ✓ Hosting AMAs to engage with the community. ○ Pinksale Fairlaunch.  ○ UniSwap launch. ○ + 1.000 Holders 


Increasing Market Cap.

○ Initiating Marketing campaigns Phase #2.  ○ Creating partnerships with other meme-based projects. ○ Additional revenue streams to generate additional income for token holders. ○ CMC & CG Listing ○ Improving & releasing new NFTs into Sonic Inu NFT Marketplace. ○ CEX Platforms listing. ○ + 5,000 Holders.  


Building an ecosystem.

○ Initiating Marketing campaigns phase #3.   ○ Creating many partnerships to expand the project ○ Develop a P2E Game based on Sonic INU Token. ○ Sonic Inu Dashboard. ○ Expanding the project to new markets and demographics through targeted marketing efforts. ○ Developing additional revenue streams or partnerships to generate additional income for the project. ○ + 10,000 Holders. 


Scaling the Project.

○ Developing and launching Sonic Swaping widget. ○ Initiating Sonic Staking. ○ Launching Sonic DAPP. ○ Launching Sonic Wallet. ○ Launching Sonic Snipper TG bot. ○ Launching Sonic Shop. ○ Launching Sonic AI Website. ○ Sonic Inu Visa card. ○ Developing and launching Sonic Chain. ○ Launching SonicScan (Explorer). ○ + 20,000 Holders.

Our Partners

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